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The Microphone

The CAYA X3E Creators Microphone, Empowers Educates and Entertains through sustainable, robust and versatile design. Created to amplify the voice of change on a global scale, the X3E is the mic for all Creators.



and translucent design


in use & setting

Mems & Electret


High Frequency Response

range between 20Hz to 22kHz


Bluetooth & XLR

The Mission

CAYA was born out of Thali’s ambition to change the consumer -producer ratio in relation to gender and community. The very first product from the Audio range is the CAYA X3E Creators microphone, set to launch in 2022.The CAYA X3E stands for Educate, Entertain & Empower.

This high spec microphone aims to; To unmute the World and amplify the voices of the future, by building the best and most sustainable audio solutions.

From Musicians working at home or live on stage, Educators giving keynote speeches or Hobbyists recording Podcasts. Available in both MEMS & Electret, cable and Bluetooth, the dynamic mic offers versatility and will be the first to be created by a Black British Female.

Latest News



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